Hidden Halo Diamond Rings

Hidden halo rings have recently become the hottest engagement ring styles. From halo to nan halo, split shank to vintage inspired styles, you can find the perfect hidden halo diamond engagement rings at King of Jewelry!

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Hidden Halo Diamond Rings

A hidden halo diamond ring is beautifully unique, featuring a row of diamonds that frame the center stone. These have become increasingly popular and are among some of the most sought-after modern-day engagement rings. The term hidden stems from the fact that, when looking down, you can't necessarily see the stones that frame the center diamond.

These stones enhance the center diamond and can make it appear up to 15% bigger! The hidden halo is a highly desirable style and pairs well with any diamond shape. Some women prefer oval diamonds, while others love an elegant, round gem.

At King of Jewelry, we offer hidden halo diamond rings in various cuts. Some of these include:

  • Princess
  • Cushion
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Radiant

Hidden halo rings symbolize everlasting love that is beautiful from all angles, just like the piece of jewelry itself. The number of diamonds ensures the hidden halo engagement ring sparkles like your partner. The shine will attract all of the attention in the room and amplify the love you two share.

We craft all of our hidden halo diamond rings with feminine beauty and strength in mind. No two are the same, so the one you choose will compliment your partner's uniqueness perfectly.

Our hidden halo engagement rings are completely customizable, so you can choose the band and style that fits your bride. These rings represent endless devotion, durability, commitment, and strength.

We craft our diamonds in Los Angeles with great precision and care, so they'll last a lifetime with the proper protection. Our gems are 100% natural, 100% not treated, and 100% conflict-free.

Why is a Hidden Halo Ring the Right Option for You?

There are many benefits to choosing a hidden halo diamond ring for your special day. This setting makes the center diamond appear bigger and brighter, enhancing the effect of the ring. While you can't see the diamonds that frame the center stone from a bird's eye view, they look stunning and elegant from other angles, making the ring unique and different from other styles.

Many people don't realize that the surrounding stones protect the center diamond from damage. The halo will reinforce the primary diamond and reduce the wear and tear from everyday activities.

A hidden halo diamond engagement ring is very eye-catching. It's not as subtle as other choices, but many women prefer that. People are drawn to the beauty of the stones and the sparkle they create. This ring will make your bride stand out.

Another great benefit of a halo setting is that it typically sits lower on your hand, which offers the diamond protection from snagging on items and getting scratches.

The History of Halo Engagement Rings

While hidden halo diamond engagement rings became common fairly recently, regular halo settings have been around for a long time.

This ring style can be traced initially to Europe during the Georgian era. It gained traction during the Victorian period when jewelers began pushing colored gems for the center stone.

Halo rings tend to be more expensive due to the number of diamonds on the band, so there was a significant fall in popularity during economic downturns like the Great Depression.

The halo setting regained popularity as glamor began trending in Hollywood. For several years, celebrities were flaunting halo engagement rings, and the media was buzzing about them.

During World War II, the demand for halo engagement rings fell again, only to rise for the last time during the art deco aesthetic in the 1960s. Since then, the halo engagement ring has remained one of the most sought-after styles because of its elegant and eye-catching nature.

How to Find the Perfect Hidden Halo Diamond Ring

When making a purchase as important as this one, we want to ensure you have all the necessary information to pick the right ring.

Understand the Different Settings

We have a few different setting options at King of Jewelry. The first and most common choice among our customers is the pave setting.

A pave setting features tiny diamonds that line the band of the ring. This creates an elegant aesthetic that increases the shine. A micropave hidden halo engagement ring is similar, but the tiny diamonds are placed in the ring's shank.

Another popular option is the prong setting. This style has four to six metal prongs that extend up and over the gem. This setting is desirable because it protects the diamond and allows more light to enter the stone.

In a channel setting, the diamonds on the ring's shank are set between two metal walls.

At King of Jewelry, we offer all three of these settings and will be happy to help you purchase the setting that best fits your partner.

Choose the Diamond Color Carefully

When purchasing a hidden halo diamond ring, it's essential to know that it can appear yellow if the central gem has low color. This is due to the different angles and light that passes through the halo.

Many people prefer a center diamond with D, E, F, or G colors. At King of Jewelry, most of our hidden halo rings have F or G diamonds.

Pick the Perfect Shape

Hidden halo diamond rings come in all different shapes. Let's go over the benefits of each.

  • Hidden halo oval rings have an elongated shape that slim the wearer's hand. Oval-cut diamonds have a bow-tie formation that other cuts don't. This is due to how light enters the stone, and many people are pleased by this unique aesthetic.
  • Round diamonds have undeniable brilliance. The refined shape allows maximum light to reflect off of the stone, creating a beautiful sparkle that many people desire.
  • The princess cut is popular because it offers a square shape while still having a comparable brilliance to the round-shaped diamond.
  • The cushion cut diamond gets its name from the way its shape resembles a pillow, with a rectangular form and rounded edges. Diamonds with a cushion cut have a classic appeal with a modern touch.
  • The radiant cut has many facets in its pavilion and crown. Flaws and inclusions are barely visible with this kind of diamond, making it a popular choice.

Hidden Halo Diamond Rings That We Recommend

We offer many beautiful hidden halo diamond rings that would be perfect for your special day. We take pride in crafting jewelry that you're proud to wear your entire life.

Some of the hidden halo rings that we recommend include:

  • The 5.20 Ct. Hidden Halo Oval Diamond Engagement Ring F Color VS1 GIA Certified
  • The 2.50 Ct. Hidden Halo Engagement Ring 3 Row Pave G Color VS2 GIA Certified 3X
  • 1.85 Ct Hidden Halo Oval Engagement Ring 3 Row Pave G Color VS1 GIA Certified

The 5.20 Ct. Hidden Halo Oval Diamond Ring is a beautiful piece with a natural, 4 Carat center diamond. The cut is certified as excellent by the GIA, and the stone has an F color.

Our 2.50 Ct. Hidden Halo Engagement Ring 3 Row is desirable because of its round cut, the brilliance of the center diamond, and the G color of the center gem.

The 1.85 Ct Hidden Halo Oval Engagement Ring has a center diamond with a Carat weight of 1.00. The cut is excellent as graded by the GIA, and the oval shape pleases many of our customers.

Why You Should Buy Our Hidden Halo Rings

We see the beauty in femininity and pour that beauty into our handcrafted diamonds. We keep the buyer in mind and always offer a diamond designed to represent everlasting love. Show your partner how their light shines in your life by purchasing a ring that sparkles just as bright.

Our hidden halo diamond engagement rings prove a willingness to show up and stay when times get hard. This ring represents how you feel when you see your partner and how much your relationship matters to you - that the love you share is one worth fighting for.

Show your partner how much you care with our hidden halo diamond rings. Browse our collection and pick the perfect one for the person you love.