Marquise Diamond Ring

Marquise cut diamond rings are often accented with additional diamonds in channels, prongs or paves along the band. A benefit of marquise cut diamonds is that they often appear to be larger than their true carat weight.

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Marquise Cut Diamond Rings

A¬†marquise cut diamond rings¬†are shaped like a football and contains 56 facets. The bowtie effect is typical for this shape, so it is very important to choose a diamond that is cut well. This cut is an adaptation of the standard brilliant, except that the bezel facet point on the crown can be eliminated. This style is usually referred to as the ‚ÄúFrench Tip.‚ÄĚ Also, the¬†marquise cut diamond ring¬†can have anywhere from four to eight main facets on the pavilion. Experts agree that the best length to width ration for this cut should be around 2:1. The depth should be at least 58% and the table at least 52%. If you want the stone to appear big, then the marquise cut diamond ring is a great choice, as it has a large surface area for its carat weight.

The demand for the marquise brilliant cut is declining, but it’s still a great design. It’s extremely important to find a stone that has a minimal bowtie effect, so that you can get the best sparkle possible from the ring. One way the sparkle can be enhanced is by adding more facets to the crown. Doing so will minimize the bowtie effect and make the marquise cut diamond rings appear larger. Since carat weight plays a huge role in the price of diamond jewelry, you can save money by choosing a marquise cut. This is because the stone will appear larger, even with a small carat size. If you have trouble finding the right ring, you could always order loose stones and have your own customized. Most modern marquise styles are designed with the stone parallel to the finger. There are many ways in which a marquise cut diamond ring can be customized, so take your time in choosing the right features for you.