Men's Diamond Rings

Our men’s diamond rings are delicately crafted in Los Angeles to last a lifetime. 

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Men's Diamond Engagement Rings

At King of Jewelry, we know how important it is to offer long-lasting diamond rings designed specifically for men. Shop our collection of elegant bands and timeless gems that we delicately crafted in Los Angeles. We create our men's diamond rings with different metals, including 14k gold, 18k gold, and platinum bands. Our men’s rings are designed by artisans with a precise focus on quality and excellence.

Our diamonds are of the highest quality and range from .50 carats to 3.75 carats. In this collection, you can find a variety of cuts, including princess, oval, and round. We care about the four c's: cut, clarity, color, and carat. That's why we design our men's diamond rings with all of these factors in mind. If you browse this collection, you'll find that the majority of our diamonds have VS1 clarity.

VS1 clarity makes imperfections smaller and more challenging to see than diamonds with VS2 clarity. With that in mind, our diamonds have very few flaws, to begin with. You won't see imperfections in diamonds that you get from King of Jewelry, even under 10x magnification. This selection features rings that are perfect for engagements. They sparkle and shine just like you, and your partner will love the diamond you wear around your finger.

Our diamonds are 100% natural, 100% not treated, and 100% conflict-free. You'll also be happy to know we make all our jewelry in the USA.

Why You Need a Timeless Engagement Ring

An investment in a diamond engagement ring symbolizes your upcoming marriage and vows. A diamond ring represents eternity and beauty, two things that define a long-lasting relationship. You and your partner will love our men's diamond rings because they translate the bond you share with the one you love.

Our diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America, which means they have passed rigorous evaluation regarding their color, cut clarity, and carat weight. We hold our designers to the highest standards because that's what you deserve.

A diamond's uniqueness stems from its structure, and our engagement rings for men fit so well because no two are the same, just like you.

We have all different options for you to choose from. Some of our men's diamond rings radiate simplicity, while others are extravagant and eye-catching. The sparkle will capture the attention of everyone in the room, especially your partner.

Our round cut diamonds are versatile, which means they'll never go out of style. Our princess cut diamonds have a shape that translates brilliance, and the oval cut diamonds sit beautifully with an elongated look.

The History of Men's Diamond Engagement Rings

Women have been wearing engagement rings for over 5,000 years, but men only just started during the 20th century. Engagement rings became prevalent in ancient Egyptian civilizations, and people saw them as a symbol of devotion and everlasting love.

Ancient Egyptians originally crafted engagement rings with woven reed or leather. In the 1920s, the media introduced wedding bands for men as capitalism evolved, and it became common for men to showcase their commitment to long-lasting relationships. Men also wanted to feel bonded with their wives as wars and other factors in the early 20th century created separation.

It wasn't until fairly recently that we began incorporating diamonds into men's engagement rings. The diamond represents eternity because of its durability and strength. It will withstand the bounds of time, just like your relationship.

Details About Our Diamond Engagement Rings for Men

Many of our men's engagement rings have an F color, the third best color on the GIA color scale. It is almost impossible to spot the difference between our F color diamonds and D or E color diamonds. They are very similar, especially in their setting.

F color is on the scale as a colorless diamond, while some of our options are a G color. A G color registers on the GIA scale as near colorless. Both choices are very high quality and give an elegant, sophisticated impression.

Diamond Buying Guide

We know it can be intimidating to purchase a diamond ring, so here is a guide to help you make the right decision for you.

There are three steps in the buying process:

  • Understand the 4 C's - Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat
  • Read the GIA report
  • Get the proper protection for your purchase

Understanding the four C's isn't always easy, but we're here to help. A diamond's cut refers to the proportion and arrangement of its features. There are different grades for cuts that range from poor to excellent. Ours are primarily excellent.

A diamond's color refers to the lack of color, and the less detectable the color is, the better. Our men's engagement rings primarily have F or G color diamonds. F registers as colorless, while G registers as nearly colorless. It may seem silly, but the color inside a diamond's structure can affect the overall quality.

A diamond's clarity grades the imperfections of the gem and can range from flawless to included. Flawless means the diamond has no inclusions even under magnification, while included means the diamond has many visible imperfections. We have many men's diamond rings that fall close to flawless on the grading scale.

A diamond's carat refers to the weight. Generally, a higher carat weight equals a higher diamond price, but you have to consider the other three c's.

Next, you'll want to read the GIA report. Unbiased scientists create this report to inform the buyer of the quality of the diamond they're looking into purchasing. At King of Jewelry, all of our diamonds are GIA certified, and we're happy to be transparent about the different grading reports.

Once you've decided on the diamond ring that fits you best, you should always protect your purchase. Diamonds are timeless, but that doesn't mean they're guaranteed to stay safe against the elements of the world.

It would help if you had your diamond insured. The agency will rely on your GIA report to evaluate the ring's value, and you'll need to know your GIA report number in case the diamond is ever lost or stolen. Some people have this number lasered onto their ring band just in case.

Mens Diamond Engagement Rings to Consider

Some of our best rings include:

  • The 2.50 Ct Men's Diamond Ring Princess Cut 5 Stone F Color VS1 GIA Certified
  • The 1.20 Ct. Men's Diamond Ring Pave Set Eternity 6mm Width
  • The 3.75 Ct. Men's Invisible Set Princess Cut Diamond Ring

The 2.50 Ct Men's Diamond Ring Princess Cut 5 Stone is one of our most timeless diamonds, and the F color makes it very desirable. The cut grade is excellent, and the clarity is VS1 GIA certified.

Our 1.20 Ct. Men's Diamond Ring Pave Set Eternity 6mm Width ring is a little less expensive but still radiates elegance and style. Your partner will love this design and how it looks on your finger forever. It's perfect for translating devotion and commitment.

Last but certainly not least, the 3.75 Ct. Men's Invisible Set Princess Cut Diamond Ring is one of our highest carat rings. The design is attention-grabbing and has 55 stones in total. This diamond also has an F color, making it a colorless gem.

Facts About Men's Diamond Engagement Rings

  • Men's diamond rings have become increasingly popular as celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Jeremy Renner have been spotted wearing diamond wedding rings.
  • Many couples choose their engagement rings together.
  • Some men even purchase two rings, and alternate them from day to day. There's nothing wrong with stacking your rings.
  • Men have been wearing rings since ancient times, and have used them as symbols of wealth and marital status.
  • Some men choose to engrave words onto their wedding band as a sentiment.

Why You Should Buy Our Diamond Engagement Rings for Men

Finding a diamond that fits your love is rare, and we design stones that do just that. They are unique and made specifically for men who want to honor their partners. We handcraft every stone in Los Angeles and deliver you high-quality rings that you can be proud of because we know you want a symbol that speaks for itself.

Our prices may seem high, but we believe they're well worth the value of lasting a lifetime. You're paying for beauty, love, durability, and quality. We make it our highest priority to account for the four c's and be completely transparent with our GIA reports.

We help you make the significance of your love shine, and our diamonds speak for themselves.

Our men's diamond rings are perfect for you, so take this time to browse our collection and find the right one for you.