Choose the oval cut diamond and adorn your hand with the diamond cut first developed by one of the world’s most famous and skilled diamond cleavers, Lazare Kaplan.

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Oval Cut Loose Diamonds

Oval cut loose diamonds have become an increasingly popular choice, especially here in Los Angeles. At King of Jewelry, we are dedicated to always staying at the leading edge of fashion, and that is why we offer our customers an unbeatable selection of oval cut loose diamonds.
Famed Russian-born diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan (revered for his cleaving ability) created the first oval cut diamonds in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Some would point even further back, however, to the year 1304 and the Koh-I-Noor diamond. This diamond, once considered one of the largest in the world, passed hands several times as a result of repeated raids and lootings in the Kakatiya Kingdom of India (the region is now known as Andhra Pradesh). It eventually found its way into the Peacock Throne of Mughal Emperor Shah Jaha (most remembered for building the Taj Mahal), and then much later in the crowns of some of England’s most famous queens. Today, many notable celebrities can be seen with scintillating oval cut diamond jewelry. These include Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, and Rebecca Romijn.

Brilliant, refined, stunning...these are just some of the glowing words used by our satisfied customers to describe the oval cut loose diamonds that they have procured from King of Jewelry. Many jewelry stores talk a big game, but we have the loyal base of customers to back up our claim as L.A.’s premier source of oval cut loose diamonds and other exquisite diamond jewelry.

When it comes to choosing the highest possible quality oval cut loose diamonds on the market today, it is wise to seek the advice of genuine experts. Our staff at King of Jewelry is extremely well-versed in the history and technique of oval cut loose diamonds, and they are always eager to share their in-depth knowledge with anyone who is interested in learning more. In our book, an informed customer is a satisfied customer!