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3 stone engagement rings offer an excellent idea for an engagement ring. If couples want to have different and extraordinary diamond engagement rings before they get married, they could go for 3 stone designs that are also very special. What makes it even more precious is its meaning. The three stones of three stone rings represent three stages of a relationship such as the past, present and future. Los Angeles loose diamonds and jewelry merchant King of Jewelry offers this type of engagement rings.

The past stage means that they are willing to accept each other’s past, the present means they are happy with their present relationship and are both willing to take it to the next level which is the future. Three stone rings, also known as trilogy or trinity rings are a combination of three matching stones in a single band. The varieties of the stones vary in many ways but they must blend well. Most three stone rings don’t have additional micro stones or beads in the pave. King of Jewelry's Los Angeles loose diamonds are famous for this type of engagement rings.

As to the size of the stones, some appear to come in similar sizes, but there are other styles that highlight the center stone by making it slightly bigger than the other stones on the side. As to the shape, it also comes in many shapes; princess cut or square stone shapes are commonly used because it fits more perfectly together. Other popular precious stones used for three stone designs include emeralds and canary diamonds that have their own distinct colors and you can check for varieties of loose diamonds in Los Angeles at King of Jewelry.

The band used for three stone engagement rings with Los Angeles loose diamonds does not differ from other styles. A combination of metals or single metal can be used including platinum, white, or yellow gold. Diamonds in Los Angeles are the usual precious stone used for engagement rings, but three stone designs for rings is a great way to use other precious stones. King of Jewelry will surely help you find the right type of ring that you are looking for; find us at www.kingofjewelry.com or at 888-349-8299.

Loose Diamonds in Los Angeles