The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing a Diamond Ring by Personality Type

Are you searching for the ideal ring to complement her distinctive personality? 

In this comprehensive guide, the Trusted Jewelry Advisors of King of Jewelry outline the most delicate ring designs for distinct personality types. Choosing the ideal engagement ring is a significant obligation. Various factors may influence you, but did you realize that her personality plays a significant role? A ring may be as distinctive as your significant other. 

There is a beautiful ring ready to be put on the finger of each woman, from those with a quirky sense of humor to those with a very active lifestyle. 

There are endless possibilities in choosing the perfect band, diamond, cut, color, and setting.  However, even these endless alternatives might be intimidating. Where do you even begin? 

A crucial step to begin with is attempting to narrow it down. Next to price, her personality is an essential item to consider. 

  • Try to visualize her routine. 
  • What is her occupation? 
  • How does she spend spare time? 
  • What activities do you two enjoy doing together? 

You may be astonished by the significance of the ring she wears every day in her life. 

Ensure that it is the perfect ring for her personality so that she is as excited about the gems on her finger as she is about her impending marriage. Matching a partner's personality attributes to a popular diamond shape might be helpful whether you're getting a personalized engagement ring or buying something unique to show your lover how much you love them. 

Diamonds are cut into several imaginative shapes, such as baguettes, pears, squares, emerald cuts, and many more. 

Let's dive into the most prevalent diamond forms and the personality qualities that correspond with them. 

The Round Cut Diamond: For the Lady of Enduring Beauty 

The personality attributes of a brilliant round diamond are: 

  • Classic 
  • Honest 
  • Elegant
  • Subtle
  • Romantic
  • Dazzling. 

The brilliant round cut is the most traditional in diamond engagement rings.This style started in the first century BCE and has maintained its appeal for centuries. A rough stone is converted into a flaming, dazzling jewel that has endured through numerous generations of fashion. The conventional round diamond, the brilliant cut, is the most popular selection. 

Brilliant cut diamonds will be the first thing that comes to mind when people think about diamonds. If your significant other appreciates traditional beauty and tradition, the round cut is the best option. 

 The Princess Cut Diamond: For the Ambitious Lady

Princess Diamond attributes are ambition, intelligence, creativity, opinionated, vibrancy, and contemporary. Modern diamond shapes, like the princess cut, are ideal for more contemporary brides-to-be. A princess-cut diamond has dramatic, acute angles that distinguish it from other diamonds. She may like the princess-cut diamond if she is an ambitious and creative type. She has aspirations and an intrinsic passion for making them a reality. The princess cut is favored by women who think independently and forge their path in life. 

The Pear-Shaped Diamond: For the Hopeless Romantic

Characteristics of a pear diamond include being sentimental, caring, soft, intensely romantic, and extroverted. The teardrop-shaped pear-shaped diamond is another contemporary diamond form. It has the same dazzling brightness and quality as a brilliant round diamond but has a more distinctive and emotional form. Your girlfriend could like the pear-shaped diamond if she is a genuine romantic. If she gets emotional during romantic films, prioritizes date night, or has ambitions for a large family, the pear-shaped diamond may be the best cut for her. 

The Oval-Shape Diamond: For the Refined Rebel

Personality attributes of an oval diamond include being intelligent, distinctive, autonomous, and inventive. The more extended profile of the oval-shaped diamond distinguishes it from the round brilliant, with which it has many similarities. It has a subtle distinctiveness distinguishes it from the conventional round cut while maintaining its timeless charm. The oval form may suit her if your companion stands out from the crowd. This stone form doesn't scream "I'm different" but expresses it as a fact, making it the go-to option for a lady who knows herself well enough to avoid fads and trends. She has a strong sense of her style and does not seek to be unusual; she just is. 

The Emerald Cut Diamond: For the Strong of Heart

Emerald diamond personality traits: resiliency, strength, independence, edginess, and self-assurance. The emerald-cut diamond has several straight edges and a stepped architectural style. This diamond shape is perfect for a woman who knows what she wants in life and is not afraid to pursue it. She is ambitious, but more importantly, she is resilient and able to withstand whatever life throws her. This stone has a retro appearance, making it popular among individuals who like art deco or 1920s style. 

The Cushion Cut Diamond: For the Old Soul

Characteristics of a cushion diamond's personality include nostalgia, romance, fashion, and ease. The classic cushion cut is a diamond shape that resembles a blend of the round brilliant and princess cut. It features a square form with rounded sides and many facets, resulting in dazzling brightness. The cushion cut may appeal to your girlfriend if she likes vintage clothes or antiques. This classic design has been popular for ages and has a flashier appearance than the round brilliant. The cushion shape is ideal for emotional and nostalgic women who are also secure in their style. 

The Marquise Cut Diamond: For the Pioneer of Fashion 

Marquise diamond personality traits: fashionable, innovative, unusual, dramatic, confident. 

The marquise diamond is elongated and tapers equally at both ends, giving the appearance of a bigger stone. Additionally, its lengthier shape might make the fingers look longer and thinner. This is a very unique diamond shape, one that stands out on any ring and on any hand. If your significant other considers herself a trendsetter, she may like this diamond cut. 

The marquis cut is the stone for those with distinctive, modern preferences. 

She is not afraid to push the boundaries of contemporary fashion trends and enjoys standing out from the crowd. She has a penchant for the dramatic, which makes her more entertaining and daring. 

The Heart-Shaped Diamond: For the Most Feminine Lady 

The characteristics of a heart-shaped diamond personality type are that she is profoundly passionate, emotional, caring, feminine, and loving. As its name implies, a heart-shaped diamond is the ideal representation of real love and devotion. This diamond cut is an excellent style for a lady who emanates femininity and is confident in it. She is a hopeless romantic and a lover of life's better pleasures. She cares profoundly and is an emotional pillar for many, yet she may sometimes require a pillar of her own. 

There are plenty of other diamond cuts to explore! There are several other ideal diamond shapes, colors, and settings available. These pointers only illustrate the many standard forms on the market. Numerous engagement diamonds become family treasures, transcending decades of love. Consider your partner's personality and sense of style since the diamond ultimately represents your eternal love. 

Which Diamond Shape Should I Choose for My Spouse? 

Many grooms-to-be ask us, "What diamond shape should I purchase?" 

As we take pride in the art of customizing each engagement ring to fit each woman's style, we feel it is essential first to understand their personality and any other characteristics that will assist us in selecting the ideal diamond that will represent them for a lifetime. 

Our diamond professionals are interested in assisting you in selecting the diamond that best reflects your loved one's personality. Contact us today and let us guide you to picking the perfect diamond engagement ring for your significant other.