Cushion Cut Solitaire Engagement Rings

Tremendously popular over a century ago, cushion cut diamond engagement rings are becoming trendy again in modern rings. Attention is often directed towards the cushion cutโ€™s sensual shape and subtle sparkle.

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Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

Cushion cut diamond rings were very popular in the early 20th century. With its large, open look, it keeps coming back in fashion on a regular basis. It was given its name due to its shape resembling a cushion or a pillow. Itโ€™s an excellent choice for those who canโ€™t decide on an oval or princess cut, since itโ€™s a blend of both shapes. Itโ€™s a classic beauty that will always be preferred by those who appreciate complexity. If you want a cushion cut diamond ring in the vein of antique pieces, but with a modern twist, then check out the cushion cut engagement rings from King of Jewelry above. Few other engagement ring companies in Los Angeles are innovating with cushion cut diamond rings the same way that the King of Jewelry team is.

If you want a solitaire, you might be able to find the ideal, contemporary cushion cut diamond rings. Most modern cushion cuts are of one, solitary stone with a four-prong setting. The corners should be held securely in place without taking away from the shape, thus providing a clear view of the diamond. Without the accents, a cushion cut diamond ring is simple, but still elegant nevertheless. Whenever accents are added, they are set in channels so as not to take away from the shape of the center diamond. Since many contemporary jewelry stores donโ€™t sell this type of ring, you may want to consider having your own custom ring designed, or finding your ring at King of Jewelry in the Los Angeles Diamond District. You can also obtain loose cushion cut diamond stones here and have them set in the mounting of your choice.