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What is better than a gorgeous diamond wedding ring? We’d argue nothing, mainly because they’re not only one of the most beautiful things you will ever see, but because every single one is unique and customizable. Whether you choose handmade wedding rings as your focal point or you’re more of a designer, tiffany’s girl, there are many things you must consider. Price, size, budget and metal all come into play when you’re looking at wedding and diamond rings as you have got to establish what you want before you get it. If you do have a budget, make sure it’s realistic too! You won’t be able to get a 12ct gold, diamond ring for $50 from a reputable seller, they’re a lot more expensive than that! When you budget is low then you should adhere to it, you can definitely get a nice wedding ring without a diamond in if that’s what you can afford, there are so many different lovely types out there – you’ve got the whole world of rings to choose from!

Origin of the Wedding Ring

wedding ring

Typically, a diamond wedding ring is put onto the ring finger after someone gets married to indicate that they are in a marriage. It can be made of all different types of metals including; rose gold, silver, gold or even platinum (personal taste is what this depends on!) Some of the earliest examples of these rings date back as early as Ancient Egypt but the more western concept of handmade wedding rings can be traced to ancient Greece and Rome.

People tend to wear their wedding rings day and night (although, many do take them off to shower and sleep!) which indicates their endless love and dedication to their spouse. Both the spouses have a ring and they are exchanged during the ceremony of marriage or partnership – it’s just such a lovely way to show how much you love someone! Other cultures like Mexico, the Netherlands and Brazil also wear engagement rings unlike the US and UK in which only the opposite sex to which performed the engagement wears it. Depending on religion, people don’t always want a traditional wedding ceremony, but wedding rings are something that remain the same no matter what.

Different Types of Rings

Carrying on from before, there are so any different types and styles of diamond wedding rings that you’re almost spoilt for choice, but you definitely need to consider all of your options before you go ahead and buy your dream ring.

wedding ring

There are three main wedding ring shapes which include; court shaped, D shaped and shaped. The most classic of all the styles is definitely the court shaped. It is slightly rounded on the outside and then also on the inside as well which creates a very comfortable fit, this is great for a wedding ring as you will be wearing it every day and what the most comfortable ring as possible. D shaped rings are curved on the outside but flat on the inside (hence the D shape name!) The lastly, shaped wedding rings are on the more expensive side as they are personalized depending on what shape you want!

Onto diamond wedding ring metals then, one of the most important choices you’ll have to make about your ring is the metal/material used to make it. Traditionally, metals are white or yellow gold but more precious metals such as titanium, rose gold, and platinum have become a lot more popular over the last decade. You must consider the fact that your engagement and wedding ring will be worn together on the same finger, so you will probably want to go with the same color as that however sometimes, a contrast of metals is effective too.

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Then there is the diamond to consider, if you are within budget and you want a diamond wedding ring then you should definitely go for one that radiates your personality! There is an endless amount of shapes you could typically go for, but some are better than other in terms of durability and how it looks. The shape refers to the appearance of the stone and the cut of the diamond. Most shapes are round, cushion, princess, Asscher, emerald, radiant (all of which are rectangular), heart shaped, pear shaped, marquise (pointed at both ends) and oval. Asscher cut diamond rings are some of the most beautiful you may ever see, that’s why they are extremely popular for wedding rings. Rounded diamonds are also a hit with many couples as they are simple yet look beautiful.

Approximating Your Ring Size

Surely when you pay a lot of money for a gorgeous diamond wedding ring you want it to fit your finger just perfectly, right? Well there are two easy methods that are great for approximating your ring size. A ring size chart is probably your best option, King of Jewelry have a really helpful one you can see on their website (for more information) or below for the chart. The inner edge of the ring should typically align with the outer edge of the circle, you can buy half sizes if you’re unluckily enough to fit between to the two sizes.

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Another easy method is to measure your ring size with a finger size strip, these are great as they are often really precise (make sure someone helps you though!) and they’re not expensive (it’s just a sheet of paper!) King of Jewelry have one you can print off or you can just DIY your own with a pencil, some paper, and a ruler. The numbers on the sheet should be the correct ring size. To do this method all you have to do is pull tightly the paper around your finger and have it a snug fit, this is produce an accurate side. A little tip is to not measure your finger when they’re cold as they’re super smaller when they’re cold! You’ll get the best results at the end of the day when your finger is the largest!